Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck

Basis specificaties

The saloon of the Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan is spacious with a U-shaped settee, low saloon table and galley on the port side. A folding dinette/table with two designer stools and an inside steering position including steering bench on the starboard side. The "Linssen slide-and-pop-out-door" is a watertight sliding door to port and starboard in the saloon, fitted with a special lip seal developed by Linssen. The forward cabin has a double bed, closets, walk-in wardrobe, toilet and separate shower room. The guest cabin has two single beds with drawer and linen cupboard to port, and an additional toilet compartment with optional shower to starboard.

The open cockpit has a teak floor, an integrated U-shaped cockpit bench, four-piece glass doors to the saloon and a large hatch in the open cockpit with plenty of storage space. In addition, there are doors to the swimming platform in the cockpit to starboard and port. Below this text you will find a photo album with external and internal photos.

Linssen Yachts is known as a leading manufacturer of luxury and high-quality motor yachts, with unrivalled comfort and style at its core. As a family business, Linssen Yachts prides itself on its dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, a reputation that dates back to 1949. The company offers a wide range of yachts to meet the unique preferences of customers, whether they are seasoned sailors or first-time yacht buyers. Discover Linssen Yachts' Unique Selling Points (USPs) and experience what sets them apart from the competition.

One-Touch-Cockpit Cover® 
The electrically operated One-Touch Cockpit Cover makes it easy to close and open the large open cockpit. By releasing one zip and a few push buttons and pressing the remote control, the entire cover retracts automatically. The sections disappear into special storage cassettes in the corner of the cockpit, as shown in the photos of this system.

Double doors 
Opening the glass Bifold Variodoors transforms the saloon and cockpit into one large, spacious living space with abundant light and comfort. Optional insect screens are available for the Bifold Variodoors. These are integrated in the coves behind the doors and can be easily extended to let fresh air in while keeping insects out. Photos of this system are attached for further illustration.

Swivel saloon seat 
The flexible arrangement of the saloon seat makes it easy to rotate part of the seat, allowing guests to sit comfortably in the cockpit. See the photos for a visual representation of this system.

Cockpit lounge bed (option) 
With this option, the fixed table in the cockpit can be electrically lowered, after which the supplied set of cushions can be used to create a huge lounge bed. Photos are attached for better understanding.

One-touch e-Variodeck 
The e-Variodeck can be opened at the push of a button, letting in more light and air. Optionally, an insect screen and roller blinds can be fitted for extra comfort. See the photos for a clear view.

If you want to have a cosy breakfast together without using the whole coffee table, just unfold the dinette table and take a seat. Check out the attached photos to see this system in action.

Cabinet lift 
From the lounge chair, you have a good view of the built-in TV. Press the button on the remote control to raise the TV and enjoy your favourite programmes. Check out the photos of this system for a visual representation.

Slide and Pop-out Doors 
The Slide and Pop-out Doors to port and starboard make it easy to quickly access the centre skids from inside. With these high-quality sliding doors on both sides, you can steer the 500 Sedan with one hand and dock with great ease. Photos of this system are attached.

Storage space 
The 500 Sedan offers considerable storage space, including a cupboard under the stairs to the forward cabin for six storage crates. There is also storage space under the cockpit floor with flexible compartments for safe storage of supplies. See photos for a detailed overview of this system.

Adjustable steering bench 
Easily adjust the comfortable steering bench forward and back with a switch for the optimal steering position. Photos are included to illustrate this system.

Forward cabin
A TV is conveniently stored in the closet in the forward cabin and can be easily folded out for comfortable TV viewing from bed. See the photos for a better view.

Smart Helm Console
The Smart Helm Console is designed to keep steering and steering controls within easy reach while cruising, even with the Slide and Pop-out Doors. This extendable console provides extra comfort and safety. The photos give a clear picture of this system.

Solar panels 
The 500 Sedan is fitted with eight solar panels as standard, divided into two groups. Optionally, as many as 16 panels can be fitted, divided into four groups, with the Smart Solar Charge Controller ensuring optimal power distribution. The attached photos offer a visual representation of this system.

± 15,50 x 4,65 x 1,20 m
± 2,00 / 2,05 m

Yacht features

LOA x width x draught± 15.50 x 4.65 x 1.20 m ± 50'10" x 15'3" x 4' Minimum creep height± 2,75 m ± 9' Headroom VK/salon/AK± 2,00 / 2,05 m ± 6'7" / 6'8" CE ClassificationB (sea) Tank capacity diesel± 2x 750 ltr ± 2x 198 gallons Tank capacity water± 720 ltr ± 198 gallons Tank capacity black water± 400 ltr ± 105 gallons Weight / Displacement± 27,000 kg / ± 27 m3 ± 59525 lbs Motorisation± 15.50 x 4.65 x 1.20 m ± 50'10" x 15'3" x 4' ± 2,75 m ± 9' ± 2,00 / 2,05 m ± 6'7" / 6'8" B (sea) ± 2x 750 ltr ± 2x 198 gallons ± 720 ltr ± 198 gallons ± 400 ltr ± 105 gallons ± 27,000 kg / ± 27 m3 ± 59525 lbs 2x 4 cyl. Mercury Diesel, type MD2.0L 2x 84 kW (115 HP), 3000 rpm Emission compliance: EPA Tier 3, EU RCD Stage II, BSO II