The Linssen Variotop®.

A living legend.

In fact, a yacht with a Linssen Variotop® uniquely brings together an inside steering position, outside, and a fly-bridge. With a Variotop®, you can sail 'outside', merging the aft deck or open cockpit with the steering saloon into one large outdoor space. When the weather is less favourable, you can close the Variotop®, connecting the steering position with the cabin, so to speak, and creating an impressive interior space. In this way, the Variotop® unites the compartments and thus the crew. (Picture slider Variotop) The Variotop® is a convertible roof that, thanks to clever locking and sealing systems, covers the wheelhouse completely waterproof and insulated. Close the Variotop® and the doors of the wheelhouse, and the open steering position transforms in an instant into a heated Variotop® wheelhouse where it is pleasant to be. On a hot summer day, cruising along the water, gently swaying at anchor or leisurely moored at the quayside, the Variotop® - now as a full-fledged bimini top - offers wonderful cooling.