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Why luxury steel motor yachts from Linssen Yachts?

Timeless with a contemporary touch
Our boats are easy to recognise as they glide along rivers, canals and lakes. The distinctive silhouette, the true DNA of Linssen Yachts, remains unchanged. As a result, you will own a motor yacht that is not only extremely valuable, but also retains its value. With a Linssen steel motor yacht, you have access to all waterways, rivers, canals and lakes throughout Europe. Whether you are exploring inland waterways or sailing the wide seas and discovering new places you have never seen from the water.
Timeless signature silhouette
Continuous innovation, since 1949
Access to all waterways in Europe

Used Linssen yachts

With the quality of new

In addition to new models, Linssen also offers used yachts. These second-hand yachts are divided into three categories: the Linssen Collection, including a 12-month yard guarantee, Linssen Pre Owned yachts with a 3-month yard guarantee, and brokerage yachts. The offer varies regularly and can sometimes change quickly. If you would like to stay informed about our current offer, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Linssen Yachts is and remains 100% a Dutch-made product.

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Talk to us, Sanzi yachts can best translate your wishes into a yacht that suits you. As a recognized Linssen Yacht dealer, we have the knowledge and wide range to provide you with a tailor-made service. New or used, everything of top quality. Make an appointment while you stay and experience the high-quality service.