Have you ever thought about investing in a Linssen Yacht?

We will be happy to tell you all about it.
The investment has many advantages. You invest in a Linssen Yacht. Sanzi guides you during the construction process You are kept informed of the progress of the construction of your Linssen Yacht at all times via a login to your project. After delivery, you transfer your Linssen Yacht to Sanzi Yacht and it will include your yacht in its charter fleet. Your Linssen Yacht will be fully equipped with kitchen and marine inventory as well as furnished and beautifully styled. After a photo shoot, your Linssen Yacht will be presented on the Sanzi Yacht Charter website. Sanzi manages complete maintenance and charter operations. Your Linssen is always in top condition. Every swap, your yacht is cleaned inside and out and a comprehensive technical check is carried out.

You can sail whenever you wish. Once you step on board, everything has been prepared to perfection and atmospherically taken care of, and all you have to do is enjoy. During your stay we are your personal assistant, you can approach us for anything : a route suggestion or a restaurant reservation? Or a technical question? We are always there for you during your stay. After your boating holiday, you can return your Linssen Yacht to the Sanzi marina. Your do not have to do anything; we take care of cleaning and refuelling. When you are not sailing, we rent out your precious property. But only to experienced skippers. You will receive a periodic statement of turnover and a settlement before the end of the year. That is the ultimate way of boat-ownership, having the fun but not the burden of boat ownership! For more information, please feel free to contact us.